It’s not about me – it’s about you

I get it – whenever you read a blog or listen to a podcast, you want to learn about the person behind it – who is he / she, what’s their age, family status, where they’re from, what’s their background, hobbies, profession, etc., so you can find the points you can relate to. But it’s not about me, it’s about you – the purpose of this platform is to share, exchange and simplify personal finance knowledge with anyone who wants to take their lives to the next level. No matter if you’re drowning in debt, working your way out of debt, or save more than 50% of your income well on your way to financial independence (FI) – my goal is to reach as many people as possible and collectively join the journey to pay down debt, save, invest & earn millions of $$$ or more accurate, earn our freedom, control and time – which are much more precious than $$$.

  • My name is Eli (pronounced Eh-Lee or like saying the letters “L” “E” together)
  • Husband to Maya, father of 2 (Noya 7, Matan 5) and soon a third prince will be added to the tribe!
  • Proud Israeli, moved to New York in 2011 then to South Florida in 2015 where I live today (2017)
  • “Wantrepreneur”, love the startups world, podcasts and startup-related websites
  • Computer Science (BSc) & Business (MBA) education, working on my CFP certification
  • Passionate about personal finance, financial independence, early retirement (FIRE)
  • Loves the outdoors: parks, beach, hiking, cycling and occasional running
  • Avid learner through Facebook groups, podcasts, blogs and online courses
  • Spent the past 15 years on various customer-facing roles in the hi-tech / IT industry
  • You’re welcome to follow me on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

Cruise along,